Thermosafe Induction drum heater

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Introducing our Ex-screw plug, a reliable solution for securely sealing unused threaded or clearance holes in various industries. Specifically designed for applications in hazardous areas, this product ensures maximum safety and compliance.

Key Features:
- Approved for Group (Zone) II 2 G (1, 2) II 2 D (21, 22) classifications, guaranteeing suitability for hazardous environments.
- Marked as Ex eb IIC Gb and Ex tb IIIC Db, providing clear indications of its explosion-proof capabilities.
- Can withstand extreme temperatures ranging from -40°C to +85°C, ensuring durability and reliability in any environment.
- Boasting an impressive IP66/IP68 protection grade, it remains fully sealed and protected even under water pressure up to 10 bar for 30 minutes.
- Complies with the EU-Type certificate PTB 16 ATEX 1006, ensuring that it meets the necessary safety standards.
- Holds the IECEx-Certificate IECEx PTB 16.0017, further validating its suitability for hazardous area usage.

With our Ex-screw plug, you can confidently seal and protect your unused threaded or clearance holes, knowing that it meets all necessary industry standards and regulations for hazardous environments.

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