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Our jacketed reactors are designed to meet the temperature control needs of various industries. In industries such as chemical, pharmaceutical, and petrochemical, the temperature of jacketed reactors plays a crucial role in ensuring the desired chemical reactions or processes are carried out efficiently.

To achieve precise temperature control, our jacketed reactors can be equipped with TCUs (temperature control units), which are responsible for regulating the temperature. These TCUs can be connected to large central heating/cooling units that have secondary systems for individual reactor temperature control. This setup allows for the simultaneous control of multiple reactors within a system.

In some cases, especially when dealing with large metal reactors, process steam may be utilized for temperature control. This method offers efficient heat transfer and is commonly used in industrial settings.

The core temperature control mechanism in our jacketed reactors revolves around heat transfer oil. This oil is pumped through the jacket surrounding the reactor, effectively controlling the internal process temperature. The heat transfer oil is capable of operating within a temperature range that spans from -80°C up to 300°C, depending on the specific type of heat transfer oil being used.

With our jacketed reactors and the utilization of TCUs, central heating/cooling units, and heat transfer oil, industries can confidently achieve precise and reliable temperature control, ensuring the optimal conditions for their chemical reactions or processes.

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