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Terms and conditions of use of


Terms of liability restriction


  1. By registering on this site, the User fully accepts the terms and conditions of the User Agreement for submission/placement of Listings on, hereinafter referred to as the "Terms", and assumes the rights, duties and responsibilities related to the use of the site.
  2. Listings placed by the User on the site must comply with the requirements of applicable law.
  1. By accepting these Terms and Conditions, the User hereby confirms that he/she is solely responsible for the content of the Listings he/she submits/places on the website, for the accuracy of the information contained in such Listings, for the compliance of Listings with the requirements of current legislation, for the violation of third party rights in connection with the placement of Listings.

The administration of the site does not bear any obligations to ensure confidentiality with respect to the information that the User has specified in the announcement, including personal data of the User that the User has specified in the announcement. By placing Listings on the site, the User confirms that all information (including confidential and / or personal information about the User), which he specifies in such an Listing, in this case is not confidential / personal, submitted to the public and its representatives can access such information / announcement from anywhere and at any time.

  1. Under no circumstances shall the Administration of the site be liable for any damages, losses or expenses incurred in connection with this site, its use or inability to use.
  2. The administration of the site reserves the right without notice to change the information on this site, to edit the text/information or delete Listings, if they violate the current legislation, ethical and moral standards, etc.

General rules


1) The responsibility for the accuracy of the information contained in announcements lies with those who submit them.

  1. Listings are accepted for publication with all required fields filled in and marked with *.
    3. it is not allowed to publish Listings not related to the subject of the site: Buying/selling of business, Buying/selling/renting of commercial real estate, Buying/selling of equipment and special machinery, Selling/buying of franchise, information about services / production or sale of products.
  2. Contact information should be provided in the fields provided for this purpose and not in the title or text of the description.
  3. It is not allowed to duplicate announcements before the expiration of the previous announcement.
  4. 6. Listings should be placed in appropriate sections of the topic.
  5. It is forbidden to use obscene vocabulary in texts.
    8. Do not use HTML tags.

    When placing Listings, please remember that:

1) The Listing should contain as much detail as possible about the object you are selling and its real value.

  1. The photo showing the object you are proposing should correspond to the text of the announcement. Only the proposed object must be shown on the photo. The photo must not contain a logo, brand, company name or any other advertising information, as well as contact information: phone, e-mail, etc.
  2. only 1 sale/purchase item allowed in each Listing. If you have a large number of offers / requests - please, place them in separate Listings. In case more than 1 sale/purchase offer etc. is listed in one Listing, the Listing will not be allowed to be published.
  3. the site administration reserves the right to delete Listings if they do not correspond to the subject of the selected section, or do not comply with the rules of publishing Listings on the site.

    No Listings are accepted for publication on our website:
  4. profanity as well as offensive language, including racist and religious expressions;
  5. pornography, including photos of a pornographic nature;
  6. Fraud, extortion;
  7. calls for violence and unlawful actions;
  8. Discrimination on national, racial, religious, sexual and other grounds;
  9. announcements whose content violates the generally accepted norms of morality and morality are not allowed to be published;

Access to users' personal information


  1. All information contained in the Listings submitted to the website is publicly available, except for the password to access the user's personal area and the information contained in this section.
  2. User access to the information contained in the Listings is based only on the unique login and password selected by the user at Registration.

The User is responsible for keeping the password safe.



To achieve maximum efficiency, you should remember that in addition to free, there are also paid and top options for placing Listings, additional services: HOT-Listing, VIP- Listing in the slider on the main page, promotion of your Listings by our experts on other Internet resources.

Listings go down in the list depending on how many new Listings have appeared on it.

You can read more about it in "Services" section.

The terms and conditions for submission/placement of Listings on may be changed, supplemented or amended and will take effect from the date of publication on the site.


User agreement of services



1.1. "Business Investments" LLC (hereinafter referred to as the Contractor and/or the Company) publishes this Public Agreement (Agreement and/or Offer) on providing services on the Provider's website

1.2. In accordance with Article 633 of the Civil Code of Ukraine (Civil Code of Ukraine) this Agreement is a public contract, and in case of acceptance (acceptance) of the following conditions, any capable individual or legal entity (hereinafter User) undertakes to comply with the conditions of this Agreement.

1.3 In this offer, unless the context requires otherwise, the following terms have the following meanings:

  1. 1.1. Offer- a public offer of the Contractor, addressed to any able-bodied individual and / or legal entity, to conclude with him a Public Agreement on service provision on the conditions contained in this Agreement, including all its annexes;

1.1.2 Acceptance - complete acceptance of the terms and conditions of the Agreement by the User;

1.1.3 Contractor - Limited Liability Company "Business Investments", legal address: Berkovetskaya St., 1, 4th floor, office 2, Kiev, Ukraine, 04128;

1.1.4. Site - internet site, administered by the Company, which is a communication platform for placing temporary classified Listings (hereinafter - Site);

1.1.5. User - any capable natural or legal person who has accepted the terms of this Agreement and uses the Company's services. An authorised employee/representative of such legal entity shall use the Site on behalf of the legal entity.

1.1.6. Application - announcement of the User's intention to purchase/sell/lease, placed on the Company's Website.

1.1.7 Goods - any tangible or intangible object of business, commercial real estate, franchises, equipment, special vehicles;

1.1.8 Service - any operation that is not a delivery of goods, associated with the provision of service, which is consumed in the process of performing a certain action or performing a certain activity to meet the personal needs of the customer;

1.1.9. Services / service - any paid and free services provided by the Contractor through the Site (for example, including, but not limited to, all its features, text, data, information, software, graphics or photos, pictures, etc., etc.), as well as any other services provided by the Company through the Site services.

1.1.10. Account/account - User's electronic cabinet in the functional system of the Website, through which he can manage his Listings on the Website. The account/account can be used only by one User, data transfer for access to the account/account to another User (another person) is not allowed;

1.1.11. Registration - User's acceptance of the offer to conclude this Agreement and the procedure, during which the User by filling in the appropriate forms of the Website provides the necessary information for the use of the Website services. Registration is considered completed only if all stages of the registration are successfully completed in accordance with the instructions published at the Site.

1.1.12. Personal data are information or a set of information about an individual, which is identified or can be specifically identified through them.

1.1.13. Verification by e-mail is a verification of the User by following the link sent by the Company in an e-mail to the e-mail address specified by the User during registration.

1.1.14. Posting is a User action - publication or activation of one Listing. Placement is also a change of an existing Listing, if such change involves changing and/or adding a product, changing the essential characteristics of the product, changing the region.

1.4. If the User does not agree with the Agreement in whole or in part, the Executor asks him to leave this site. These terms and conditions regulate the User's use of the Website and services of The use of services of means that the User has read this Agreement, understands and accepts its terms.

1.5. Starting to use any service, or by going through the registration procedure, the User confirms his capacity and acceptance of the terms of the Agreement in full, without any reservations or exceptions. If the User does not agree with any of the provisions of this Agreement, the User has no right to use the services of

1.6. The Company hereby offers Internet Users to use their services on the terms and conditions set out in this Agreement.

1.7. The Company offers the User services to use the Site to post information about goods (services) with the purpose, including, but not limited to, subsequent purchase or sale of various goods and services by other Users.

1.8. All transactions are concluded between Users directly. Thus, the Company is not a participant of Users' transactions, but only provides a communication trading platform for placing Listings. In exceptional cases and at the request of Users, the Company (when concluding a separate agreement) can act as an intermediary between Users.


2.1 The User gets the right to place Listings on the Website after filling out a special form with the parameters of offered goods or services.

2.2. The User is also entitled to register on the Site for additional services by filling out a form with a valid e-mail address to which only the User has access, mobile phone number and other data required for registration. After that, the User receives an email with a confirmation of registration, containing a link to which the transition is necessary to complete the registration.

2.3. The use of the Website features and services by both registered and unregistered Users means the commitment to follow the rules and instructions for using the services of, including this Agreement.

2.4. The user is responsible for all activities using his e-mail address, mobile phone number and password to access the Site. The User has the right to use the services of the Site only by means of his/her own e-mail address, mobile phone number and password. In case of transfer of data for access to the account/account to another User (other person), such account/account may be blocked at the discretion of the Administration.

2.5 The User undertakes to keep the password confidential and not disclose it to third parties.

2.6. The User is obliged to immediately change the data for accessing the Site if he has reasons to suspect that his e-mail address, phone number and password used to access the Site were disclosed or can be used by third parties.

2.7. The User who places advertisements for the sale of goods or services at the Site undertakes to place information about them in accordance with this Agreement and the instructions provided at the Site, and provide accurate and complete information about the goods or services and the terms of their sale. By posting information about a product or service, the User confirms that he has the right to sell this product or provide this service in accordance with the requirements of the legislation of the countries where they are sold.

2.8. The user guarantees:

- that the goods/services he offers are free from third party claims;

- that the location corresponds to the geographic area and the city selected in the respective functional settings of the Site.

2.9. The User guarantees that the services offered by them, if they require special permission, will be performed in accordance with the requirements of the legislation of the countries whose special bodies will be authorized to supervise such activities of the User.

2.10. The User is obliged to carefully check all information about the goods and services posted by him on the Site and, in case of detection of incorrect information, add the necessary information to the description of the goods or service. If this is not possible, correct the incorrect information by cancelling the Listing and re-posting the information about the product or service.

2.11. The terms of sale of goods and provision of services made by the User shall not contradict this Agreement and the current legislation of the countries for which they are sold.

2.12. The user undertakes not to provide active support or disseminate information about the services provided by competitors of the Contractor somehow, but not exclusively:

- Information about other message boards, trading platforms, online auctions and/or online shops;

- Internet resources that offer goods and services prohibited for sale on the Site.

2.13. The Company has the right to move, complete or extend the period of demonstration of the User's product or service for technical reasons under the Company's control or outside its control. The Company has the right to terminate the demonstration of the announcement if the User has registered a product or service in violation of the terms of this Agreement or applicable law.

2.14. The user is prohibited:

  1. Publish the same Listings from the same email address / mobile phone number;
  2. Publish Listings with similar content, where it is obvious that it is the same offer;
  3. Duplicate the same Listings from different email addresses / mobile phone numbers;
  4. Publish Listings in a section that does not correspond to the content of the ad;
  5. Publish Listings with repetitive punctuation marks and/or non-letter characters in their title;
  6. Publish Listings whose description and/or title/photos are unrelated, unreadable;
  7. Publish Listings offering several goods and services simultaneously;
  8. Insert links in your Listing to resources that contain malicious elements, or links to the home page of the site or to other sites;
  9. Place an advertisement for a product or service if such placement may result in a violation of law enforcement;
  10. It is forbidden to place Listings advertising the sale:
  • of alcoholic beverages;
  • cigarettes and tobacco products;
  • of drugs and precursors;
  • pornographic material or items;
  • pharmacological products, medications;
  • stolen, illegally obtained goods;
  • objects that are dangerous to life and health;
  • of nonexistent goods;
  • of human and animal organs;
  • special technical means of secretly obtaining information;
  • state awards; personal documents as well as the forms of these documents;
  • of databases;
  • firearms, cold, traumatic weapons, and ammunition and their accessories;
  • special means of active defense used by law enforcement agencies; walrus tusks, elephant tusks and mammoth tusks not in the product, as well as precious metals and gemstones not in the product;
  • rare and prohibited animals, including animals listed in the CITES international convention (on trade in rare and endangered species of flora and fauna).

2.15. The Company has the right to delete announcements at the request of the right holder or competent state authorities. The Company also reserves the right to delete any announcements which, in its opinion, do not comply with the principles and rules of public morality. The decision to delete is final and is not subject to appeal.

2.16. The Website Administration and moderators (representatives of the Company) shall have the right:

  • Conduct selective posting or premoderation of Listings placed by the User.
  • Introduce spelling and punctuation corrections to the User's Listing text that do not affect the general meaning of the Listing content;
  • Transfer Listings to other sections of the Websites if amore appropriate section is identified for their placement;
  • Refuse to publish Listings if they do not correspond to the subject matter of the selected sections, or violate this Agreement.

2.17. Incorrect characteristics of the subject of the offer may not be indicated in the advertisement.

2.18. The title of the advertisement must correspond to the text of the advertisement itself and must not contain contact or personal information about the User (telephone, e-mail, Internet resource address).

2.19. The photo showing the subject of the Listing offered for sale by the User must correspond to the title and text of the Listing. The photo must show only the object offered for sale. Stock photos and/or photos uploaded from the Internet are not allowed.

2.20. To facilitate interaction between Users, the Company may establish limited access to contact information of other Users. The right to use information provided by other Users is limited by this Agreement.

2.21. The Company is not responsible for the content of Listings or hyperlinks to resources indicated in the description of users' Listings.

2.22. The subject of announcements may be the Goods or Services, the sale of which is not prohibited or restricted under the laws of the country in which they are sold, and not contrary to this Agreement.

2.23. If an announcement is placed free of charge, it may be published with our contact details and on our terms and conditions, which we are not obliged to inform about changes.


3.1. When placing Listings, Site users grant the Company the right to process their personal data on the terms and conditions provided in CONFIDENTIAL POLICY to this Agreement.


4.1 The Company reserves the right to contact the User: send information messages to the e-mail and physical address specified at the registration, as well as send messages to the mobile phone of the User.

4.2. Information is collected by the user by himself using the software tools of the Site to specify the relevant data required to place Listings on it.

4.3 The Company saves the data of the User's last access to the system in order to ensure high quality of services adapted to the individual needs and interests of the User.

4.4. The User provides access to the Website services during the time intervals of continuous use - sessions. The registered User provides access to the part of the Site accessible only after entering his login and password at least once during the session.

4.5. Disabling the saving of the last access data to the system in browser settings does not affect the possibility of using the Site services in general, but may limit their functionality for the User.

4.6. The data of the last access to the system is also used to collect statistical information on the use of services by Users.

4.7. The User is not allowed to provide information in violation of this Agreement or the rights of third parties, in particular, the information must not contain:

  • vulgar, offensive language;
  • advocacy of hatred, violence, discrimination, racism, xenophobia, inter-ethnic conflicts;
  • calls for violence and unlawful actions;
  • data that infringe personal (non-property) rights or intellectual property rights of third parties;
  • information that fosters fraud, deception or breach of trust;
  • information that leListings to transactions with stolen or counterfeit items;
  • information that violates or infringes on third party property, trade secrets or the right to privacy;
  • personal or identifying information about other persons without their express consent;
  • Information that contains information that infringes on the privacy of others or that offends someone's honour, dignity or business reputation;
  • information that contains libel or threats against anyone;
  • information that's pornographic;
  • information that's harmful to minors;
  • false and misleading information;
  • viruses or any other technology that could damage the site, the Company or other Users;
  • information about services considered immoral, such as prostitution or other forms contrary to morality or the law;
  • links or information about sites that compete with the Company's services;
  • information that is "spam", "chain letters", "pyramid schemes" or unwanted or lying commercial advertising;
  • information distributed by news agencies;
  • information with an offer to earn online, without giving your physical address or direct contacts to your employer;
  • information solely of an advertising nature without offering a particular product or service;
  • information that otherwise violates the laws of the country for which the announcement is intended.

4.8. When submitting an advertisement with offers of services subject to licensing, the text of the advertisement shall contain the license number and the name of the issuing authority.


5.1 The announcement of the User can be deleted by the Company due to violation of the terms of this Agreement by the User, as well as for the following reasons:

  • The given User already has on the Site the active similar announcement about sale of the given Goods;
  • The information contained in the announcement is contrary to this Agreement, publication rules and/or legislation;
  • The information contained in the advertisement is false;
  • The title of the Listing does not contain information about the offered/sold product/service;
  • The title of an Listing contains repetitive exclamation points and question marks, ellipses and other signs;
  • The title or comment to the photo contains a link to Internet resources;
  • The photo has no obvious semantic connection with the text of the announcement or serves no purpose to adequately illustrate the text of the announcement;
  • The photo contains user interface elements, abstract drawings, etc..;
  • The photo contains any advertising information (link to the site, e-mail, phone number, Skype, IСQ, ID in social networks, ID of other messengers and the like);
  • A picture of poor quality, the Product is indistinguishable;
  • The advertisement is submitted under a heading that does not correspond to the meaning of the submitted Listing.
  • The Company has been provided with a complaint from the owner of intellectual property rights, and/or a request from the authorized state authority;
  • The Company has received a justified complaint from another User about a violation of their rights in the Listing.

6.1 All objects available through the Company's services, including design elements, text, graphic images, illustrations, video and other objects, as well as any content placed on the Site's services, are subject to the exclusive rights of the Company, Users and other rights holders.

6.2. The use of the content, as well as any other elements of the services is possible only within the framework of the functionality offered by this or that service of the Website. No elements of the content of the Website services, as well as any content placed on the Website services, can be used in any other way without prior permission of the right holder. The use means, inter alia, but not exclusively: reproduction, copying, processing, distribution on any basis, etc.

6.3. TO PROVIDE THE COMPANY the right to publish information provided by the user, the user PROVIDES companies operate everywhere (TERRITORIAL not limited to), perpetual, irrevocable, non-exclusive, sub-licensable right to use, publish, GATHERING, DEMONSTRATION, copying, duplication, reproduction, communication to the public under the copyright OF THE RIGHTS, PUBLICATIONS AND DATABASES OWN BY THE USER, AND ALSO REGARDING THE INFORMATION, IMAGES AND PHOTOS PROVIDED BY THE USER ON ALL WEIGHT The above rights are granted to the Company free of charge (without remuneration). In this case the User retains all property rights to the content of the information placed in the announcement. In addition to the abovementioned, the User grants the right of access to the information posted by him / her to all the users of the Site . The User agrees that the text, photos, and other materials added to the Listing can be used by the Company in the preparation of advertising materials, articles, reports, analyzes, etc., and used by the Company at its own discretion without additional consent of the User, without payment of remuneration.

6.4. By using the Website services, the User confirms that he/she is solely responsible for the content of his/her advertisements, as well as possesses all necessary rights, licenses, permissions to place information in the advertisement on the Website, including without limitation all patents, trademarks, trade secrets, copyrights, or has the relevant written consent, license or permission of all persons and companies identified in the advertisement to use their names or images.

6.5 The user undertakes:

6.5.1. Do not take any actions that may result in a disproportionate load on the Website infrastructure;

6.5.2. Do not copy, reproduce, modify, distribute or make available to the public any information contained on the Site (except for information provided by the User) without prior written permission of the Company;

6.5.3. Do not interfere with or attempt to interfere with the work and other activities on the Website; and do not interfere with automatic systems or processes, as well as other activities to prevent or restrict access to the Website;

6.5.4. Not to use the information provided by other Users for any purpose other than to make a transaction directly with this User without the written permission of another User. This clause of the Agreement does not include personal data of the User, which the latter provides to the Company during registration.

6.6. The user is not allowed:

- Discussion of actions of moderators and Website administration in any other way, except by means of electronic correspondence with moderators;

- Using User names similar to those of other Users to impersonate them and write messages on their behalf.

6.7 Access to the User's personal data by other Users is only possible with the User's written consent to such access or in compliance with the requirements of the relevant legislation.

6.8. The Company undertakes to make all efforts for proper performance of its duties under this Agreement, including normal operation of the Website services and nonproliferation of personal data provided by the User to third parties, except for cases provided by law.

6.9 The Company may from time to time set limits on the use of the Site services, in particular, the maximum number of days of storage of Listings and their size. The Company has the right at any time to change or stop the Site services or their part with or without notice to the User, without incurring responsibility for such changes or stops.

6.10. To maintain high quality of its services, the Company reserves the right to limit the number of active announcements of the User on the Site, as well as to limit the actions of the User on the Site.

6.11. The Company may deny the User access to the Site if the User violates the terms of this Agreement. The fact of violation is considered confirmed, if the User has been notified by the administration of the Site about the activities that violate the rules of the Site and the rights of third parties. The Company reserves the right to delete or disable the User's account at any time, as well as to delete all posted Listings of the User, leaving a preliminary notice of such disabling at its sole discretion, and not being responsible for its actions to the User and third parties.

6.12. The Company has the right at its own discretion to reject, remove or move any advertisement posted on the Site for violation of this Agreement.

6.13. The Company is entitled to transfer the Site with all its services and content, including personal information of Users, to its successor under contracts or other reasons. The transfer and notification of Users about such transfer is carried out in accordance with the requirements of the current legislation of Ukraine.

6.14. The User has the right to send complaints about the work of the Site through the feedback form, which will be considered within two working days from the date of their receipt or from the date of receipt of complete information about the nature of the complaint.


7.1 The User undertakes to get acquainted with the prices for paid services of the Company posted on the Website, after which they can order such services. The cost of the selected service is available on the order page and depends on the order parameters.

7.2. Payment for the Company's paid services is made by the User who has been authorized on the Website. To pay for services by bank card, you need to select the tab "Services", where in accordance with the parameters of the announcement select the desired package, click "Buy". When choosing this payment method, you will be automatically redirected to the payment form of WayForPay processing center to enter your bank card details. All data entered by you in the payment form of WayForPay processing center is fully protected in accordance with the requirements of PCI DSS security standard. Service receives information only about the payment you have made. If there is a delay in processing your order, you should contact WayForPay's support team using the following email address: [email protected].

7.3. Payment for paid services of by individual order is made on the basis of a pre-requested by User Invoice (invoice), which is formed by the Executor and sent to the User's e-mail address specified during registration on the Website.

7.4. The Company shall refund the money paid for the services not provided in the following cases:

  • Automatically functional system of the Site for each remote announcement at moderation (except for the announcements removed as irrelevant), if announcements are paid (Urgent sale). The refund is made for those days in which the service was not provided.
  • If due to any technical malfunction the service was not provided, the refund of the paid money is made by the Site administrator authorized by the Company after the user provides proof of payment.
  • When paying for services from remote accounts of the Company, which were duplicated by the User in violation of the terms of this Agreement. Such refund is made by the Company only upon request of the User.
  • Money paid for posting Listings about prohibited goods, services, offers is not returned when your account is blocked.

7.5. In case of systematic (two or more times) violations of the terms and conditions of this Agreement, the refund of the funds paid by the User is made on the basis of the decision of the Administration of the Company after the relevant application of the User. The Administration has the right to refuse a refund to the User who systematically violates the terms of this Agreement.

7.6. The User agrees that the confirmation of services provided by Business Investment Ltd. is an extract from the personal account, which is generated by the Executor on the basis of data available in the User's account. The Provider provides the Statement of personal account only upon request of Users.

7.7. The Company provides Receiving and Transmitting Certificates of the Services provided to Users who are business entities registered in accordance with the established procedure in electronic form using electronic digital signature only through the electronic document flow service "M.E.Doc" (for residents).

7.8. Such User undertakes to sign the Act in electronic form within 5 (five) calendar days after receipt of the Act and send the Company a signed copy of the Act or send the Company a reasoned refusal to sign the Act within the same period of time stating the reasons for refusal to sign. If the User does not send the signed Act or a reasoned refusal to sign it within the specified period of time, the paid services provided by the Company shall be deemed accepted without any comments on the quality and period of provision.

7.9. For Users who are not residents of Ukraine, who have paid for the Services on the service, the Act of acceptance and transfer of the provided services is Invoice (invoice), previously formed by the Contractor and sent to the e-mail address specified during registration.


8.1. Having taken advantage of services of the Sitethe User confirms the consent that he uses the Site and its services at own risk "as is", estimates and bears all risks connected with use of the announcements placed on the Site, and the Company, including its management, employees and agents, do not bear any responsibility for the maintenance of announcements placed on the Site, for any losses and the losses which have resulted from use of announcements placed on the Site.

8.2 The Company is not the organizer/initiator of the transaction between Users or its party. The Site is a trading communication platform that allows Users to place for sale, sell and purchase legally permitted goods and services at any time, from anywhere and at any price.

8.3 The Company cannot control the accuracy of information posted by users in announcements. The Company shall not be liable for any damage caused as a result of the transaction or improper conduct of any party to the transaction.

8.4 The Company is not responsible for the behaviour of the Users or for the goods/services offered by them in the advertisements placed. All disputes and conflicts between Users are settled by them independently without involving the Company.

8.5 The Company is not responsible for any unauthorized access or use of the Company's servers and/or any information about Users stored on them, as well as for any errors, viruses, Trojan horses, etc., which may be transmitted to the Site or through the Site by third parties.

8.6 The quality, safety, legality and compliance of the product or service with its description as well as the User's ability to sell or purchase the product/service are beyond the Company's control.

8.7 The Company encourages Users to be careful and keep common sense when using the Site services. The User must take into account that his counterparty may not have the appropriate legal capacity or impersonate another person. Use of services of the Company means that the User understands and accepts these risks, and also agrees that the Company does not bear responsibility for actions or inaction on the part of the User.

8.8. The User cannot conclude that the offer, sale and purchase of any product or service is valid and legal based on the fact of placement, sale and purchase of the product or service on the Site. The Company is not responsible for the completion of the transaction by the Site Users. The user assumes full responsibility for his actions.

8.9. IF USER EXPERIENCE CLAIMS other users THE USE last service site, users ACCEPTS submit these requests independently and without interference from the US, A also frees COMPANY (along with its subsidiaries, affiliates officers, directors, AUTHORIZED and employees) FROM ALL CLAIMS, LIABILITIES, compensation for damages, losses, costs and expenses, including attorneys' fees, known or unknown, arising out of or in CB

8.10. Inaction on the part of the Company in case of violation of provisions of the Agreement by the User or other users does not deprive the Company of the right to take appropriate actions to protect its interests later, and also does not mean the Company's waiver of its rights in case of such violations in the future.

8.11. The User has the right to inform the Company about the fact of violation of his/her rights by another User using the link . If the complaints of the User are justified, the Company at its discretion, delete the Listing that violates the rights of the User.

8.12. The Company is not responsible for non-performance or difficulties in performance of obligations to provide access to the Site due to unforeseen force majeure circumstances, consequences of which cannot be avoided or overcome (such as decisions of authorities, labor disputes, accidents, breaks in the general system of communications, etc.).

8.13. The Company is not responsible for any malfunctions of the Website caused by technical failures in the operation of equipment and software.

8.14. Under no circumstances shall the Company, its management, employees and agents be liable for direct, indirect, incidental, special damages, losses and paid penalties of any nature (even if the Company has been warned of the possibility of such damages) as a result of the use of the Site and its services by the User, including, without limitation, cases in which the damage resulted from the use or misuse of the Site and its services.

8.15. Nothing in the Agreement can be understood as the establishment of agency, partnership, joint activity, employment or any other relations between the User and the Company that are not expressly provided for in the Agreement.

8.16. The Company is responsible for advertising posted on the Site services to the extent provided by applicable law.

8.17. The Company does not bear responsibility for safety of the information from the account, possibility of use of services of the Site, in case of blocking / prohibition of use of the third party services with which help the User carries out registration and / or an input on the Site, being out of control of the Company.


9.1 The present Agreement comes into force from the moment the User starts using any service of the Site, or from the moment of registration of the User on the Site and is valid for an indefinite period of time.

9.2. The User has the right to terminate his registration on the Site unilaterally, without prior notification of the Company and explanation of reasons.

9.3 If the Company has made any changes to the Agreement in the manner prescribed in paragraph 10.1. of the Agreement with which the User does not agree, the User must stop using the services of the Sites. The fact of not stopping the use of the Sites is a confirmation of the consent of the User with the corresponding edition of the Agreement.

9.4 Termination of the Agreement by the Company may occur in cases:

- Violation of the provisions of this Agreement or any damage to the Company, including its reputation, or to users of;

- Performing other actions that are contrary to Company policy;

- Legal relations may be renewed only after the Company's administration makes a relevant decision.


10.1.Agreement can be changed by the Company without any special notice, the new version of the Agreement comes into force from the moment of its placement in the Internet at the address specified in this paragraph of the Agreement, unless otherwise provided by the new version of the Agreement. The current version of the Agreement is always available at .


11.1 System messages of the Website related to the User's announcements are delivered to the e-mail address provided by the User when placing the announcement on the Website. In case of the User's unwillingness to receive such messages, the User has the right to remove the relevant Listings from the Site.

11.2.Information messages intended for a wide range of Users are published on the Website and/or sent to e-mail addresses of Users who have confirmed their consent to receive such messages in the process of publishing Listings/registration on the Website.

11.3 The users have the right to opt out of receiving newsletters to their e-mail address at any time via the "Unsubscribe from newsletter" function in their User account.

11.4 In the event of disputes and disagreements between the Parties under or in connection with this Agreement, the Parties undertake to resolve them through negotiations. If any disputes, controversies or claims arising from or in connection with this Agreement, including those related to its execution, violation, termination or invalidity, can not be resolved through negotiations, these disputes shall be considered in accordance with applicable law in court.

11.5 This Agreement shall be regulated and interpreted in accordance with the laws of Ukraine. The issues not regulated by this Agreement shall be resolved in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine. All possible disputes arising from the relations regulated by this Agreement shall be settled in the order established by the legislation of Ukraine, according to the norms of Ukrainian law.

11.6. Everywhere in the text of this Agreement, unless expressly stated otherwise, the term "applicable law" shall mean both the laws of Ukraine and the laws of the place of residence of the User/Users.

11.7. Recognition of any provision of the Agreement by the court as invalid or unenforceable shall not entail invalidity or unenforceability of other provisions of this Agreement.

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