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How do I post Listing?


To place Listing, you need to be registered on the site. You can register in advance by clicking on the "Login and registration" button at the top of the screen (you can learn more about this by the link) or just click "Create a Listing" after filling out the registration form, you can immediately submit Listing, you can confirm the registration later.


Before posting, read Tips for ad design


1. Click on the "Create a Listing" button in the header of the site, select the Global section, section of the site and the Listing type

2. Fill in all required fields marked with a red asterisk.


  • Note. The site is made in most popular world languages. By placing a Listing in one language, the Listing will be automatically translated and placed in all language versions of the site, in this case your Listing will be seen by all users of the! You have the option to manually edit / specify the translation for other language versions. To do this, on the right-top of the fields "Listing Headline" and "Description" there is a button "Language: English", by clicking on which a drop-down list of available languages ​​on the site will appear, by choosing the desired language you can edit / specify the desired translation.
  • You can use the rubricator to select categories and cities. In the photo below, one category "Hotels" is selected, to the left of the "Add" button the number of categories available for selection is displayed (in total there are 3 categories available for selection). After selecting the required number of categories, click on the "Add" button.




  • You can also search by category and city using the handy live search function




  • For correct display of your business asset on the map, fill in the "Exact address" field in the format City, Address, an example is indicated in the field to be filled in. If the object does not have a specific address, you can use the coordinate data entry function by clicking on the "Open field for entering coordinates" button, an example is indicated in the field for filling. Note! It is not necessary to fill in both fields, for the exact display of the object on the map you only need to fill in the "Coordinates" field.


3. Indicate that you have read and agree to the terms of the ad. Click on the "Add" button. Wait a few seconds for the system to save your ad, do not interrupt this process!


Choose a suitable accommodation option, additional promotion services, payment option. More about this: Choice of accommodation option and payment option

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