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Online 24 December 2023 Joined since December 2023

ASUDE PLASTIK, founded in 2002, is a leading company in the plastic industry. Through dedicated work and continuous innovation in production and research and development (R&D), ASUDE PLASTIK has successfully established itself as a reputable brand. Alongside production, the company has focused on expanding its reach in international markets, engaging in robust marketing activities and exporting its products to numerous countries. ASUDE PLASTIK's commitment to customer satisfaction, coupled with its efficient operations, fast production, and high-quality standards, has made it a sought-after brand both domestically and internationally, offering competitive pricing.

With extensive knowledge and experience, ASUDE PLASTIK has become a significant player in the plastic household industry, exporting products to over 20 countries across all five continents. Currently, the company's marketing and international sales department is actively developing a strategy to enhance overseas distribution by maximizing product visibility in major retail outlets worldwide and establishing local representations in each country. This strategic plan aims to ensure market dominance and enable ASUDE PLASTIK to adapt swiftly to the demands of the global marketplace.

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