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The Marathon MM series platform offers a range of five IR temperature sensor models designed for various applications in different industries. Whether you need to measure temperatures in low temperature plastic processing or high temperature glass and metals processing, there is a model with a suitable measurement wavelength and temperature range for your specific needs.

One notable feature of the Marathon MM series is the Precision Variable Focus. This feature allows for quick, easy, and accurate adjustment of the focus of measurement targets. You can adjust the focus either by using the push-button at the rear of the instrument or remotely through an RS232/RS485 PC connection. With the remote adjustment, you can see real-time video feedback of the focus adjustments, ensuring precise measurements.

The sensors with the variable focus option can be configured to meet the requirements of your particular application. This not only reduces installation time but also minimizes the risk of incorrect installation.

Additionally, all Marathon MM sensors come with identical installation hardware. This means that you can easily set up and configure the sensors using Raytek DataTemp Multidrop software. This software simplifies the installation process and ensures consistent data capture across all the sensors in your application.

In summary, the Marathon MM series offers a reliable and versatile solution for temperature measurement in various industries. With its Precision Variable Focus and easy installation features, it provides accurate and efficient temperature sensing for your specific application requirements.

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