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Anhydrous Milk Fat (AMF) is a versatile product widely used in the dairy industry. It is derived from either butter or cream with a fat content ranging from 35% to 45%. The production process involves the use of centrifuges to remove nearly all the water and non-fat solids, resulting in a concentrated form of pure milk fat.

AMF offers several advantages in terms of preservation and storage. The removal of water content significantly enhances its shelf life, making it easier to store without concerns of spoilage. This makes it ideal for manufacturers who require long-term storage of dairy products.

Additionally, AMF finds extensive applications in the food industry. It serves as an essential ingredient in the production of various food products, including baked goods, chocolates, ice cream, and sauces. Its high fat content adds richness and flavor to culinary creations, making it a preferred choice in the culinary world.

Overall, Anhydrous Milk Fat is a valuable component in the dairy industry. Its ability to reduce water content and concentrate milk fat makes it a convenient and versatile product for manufacturers and chefs alike.

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