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Knight Optical offers a range of Plane Mirrors, specifically designed for use in 3D Mapping Applications. These mirrors, also known as front surface mirrors or first surface mirrors, are essential components in the process of creating detailed 3D maps.

We provide Plane Mirrors with different specifications to meet the varying needs of our customers. Our stock includes general purpose mirrors, mirrors with a λu002F1 (lambda/1) surface accuracy, and mirrors with a λu002F4 (lambda/4) surface accuracy. These mirrors are available in various materials, such as Soda-lime float glass, white float glass, and BK7 glass.

In addition, we offer a selection of coatings for the mirrors, including Enhanced Aluminium, Aliu002FSiO2, and Aliu002FMgf2. These coatings enhance the performance and durability of the mirrors, allowing for optimal performance in 3D mapping applications.

Our general purpose grade mirrors are made from high-quality float glass and commonly available in thicknesses of 1mm, 3mm, and 6mm. These standard thickness options ensure compatibility with a wide range of applications.

In 3D mapping applications, our mirrors serve as both the sender and receiver of a laser beam. By accurately reflecting the laser beam onto a specific surface, the mirror enables the collection of precise readings. These readings are then utilized to generate a comprehensive 3D map of the surface.

For more detailed information about our Plane Mirrors and their applications in 3D mapping, please refer to the attached PDF.

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