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Introducing ProCable - A CAQ-System Customized for Cable Producers

ProCable is an advanced CAQ-system specifically designed to meet the unique requirements of the cable production industry. It offers a comprehensive range of features that enable cable producers to develop test plans, efficiently administer orders, and effectively archive test results with relevant additional information in secure databases.

One of the key functionalities of ProCable is its ability to generate detailed lists of measurement results based on the applied test plans. This ensures that test results are organized and structured in a systematic and accurate manner.

Furthermore, ProCable seamlessly integrates with test plans to analyze the achieved test results. In instances where tolerance limits are exceeded, the system promptly notifies the user, allowing for immediate action. Users can either repeat the measurement procedure or provide necessary comments to address any exceptional circumstances.

By implementing ProCable, cable producers can streamline their testing processes, ensure compliance with quality standards, and enhance overall efficiency. This user-friendly CAQ-system offers a tailored solution that optimizes productivity and helps achieve exceptional results in the demanding cable production industry.