Polyester ultra flat heating element

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The Ultra-flat mirror defogger by StopVapor is the ideal solution for bathrooms with poor ventilation, although it can be used in other environments as well. This innovative product ensures that your mirror surface remains perfectly clear, thanks to the heating foil applied on the back in correspondence with its dimensions.

Applying the StopVapor mirror defogger is a breeze, as it is self-adhesive. Simply remove the adhesive protection and place it on the back of your mirror at your desired position. Allowing a 1 cm space between the wall and the mirror is sufficient to let the power cable come out.

We offer a range of standard dimensions to suit different mirror sizes and power requirements. These include 16x28cm (8W), 28x28cm (16W), 41x28cm (24W), 50x50cm (55W), 101x44cm (105W), 100x60cm (145W), and a round diameter of 50cm (40W). Additionally, we have the capability to produce custom dimensions based on the customer's design for single batches.

Choose the Ultra-flat mirror defogger by StopVapor to ensure a clear mirror surface even in bathrooms with poor ventilation. Experience the convenience and reliability of our product today.

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