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Introducing the ultra-flat Alper silicone heaters, which are manufactured using chemical etching technology to achieve a minimal heating element thickness (min. 0.8mm). These heaters find applications in various industries including aerospace, naval, dishwashers, hobs, kettles, drum heaters, and more. The unique technology allows for an exceptionally compact heating element with high power density, capable of operating continuously at temperatures up to 200 °C, with peak temperatures reaching 230 °C. The silicone material used in these heaters ensures long-term reliability, even under extreme conditions, making them an ideal choice for professional and medical sectors. Additionally, the silicone heating elements can be customized with features like slots, holes, traction belts, and other modifications upon request. Moreover, we offer a wide range of accessories such as fixed and adjustable thermostats, probes, pt100, and pockets to accommodate probes.

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