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The ultra-flat Alper silicone heaters are an exceptional product manufactured using chemical etching techniques. What sets them apart is their ability to drastically reduce the thickness of the heating element to a minimum of 0.8mm. This remarkable feature makes them perfect for utilization in various industries such as aerospace, naval, dishwashers, hobs, kettles, drum heaters, and many more.

The unique technology employed in the production of these heaters allows for an incredibly high power density, while also maintaining a thin design. They can operate continuously at temperatures of up to 200 °C, with the capability to withstand peak temperatures of 230 °C. This remarkable heat resistance, coupled with the exceptional durability of silicone, ensures that these heaters maintain their reliability over time, even in extreme conditions.

For added versatility, the silicone heating elements can be customized to include slots, holes, traction belts, and other specific requirements based on customer requests. Additionally, we offer a wide range of accessories to complement these heaters, including fixed and adjustable thermostats, probes, pt100, and pockets for housing probes.

Whether you are in the professional or medical sector, our silicone heaters offer a superior heating solution. With their cutting-edge technology, exceptional durability, and customizable features, they are the ideal choice for various applications within a wide range of industries.

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