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Hemogum offers a solution for those in need of chemically resistant protection for tanks in various industries, including plants and construction. Whether you require new protection measures or want to enhance existing ones, our services can assist you.

At Hemogum, we specialize in manually restoring worn-out pipelines by applying a rubber coating. This process also applies to tanks, rotors, and pump stators, effectively safeguarding them against aggressive substances. By utilizing our rubber foil as a protective coating, we provide industrial vessels and tanks with anti-corrosion protection from aggressive fluids and wear particles.

The quality, hardness, and thickness of our rubber foil are carefully tailored to match the specific requirements of your working media. Factors such as the chemical composition, particle size, concentration, temperature, and flow rate are taken into account to ensure optimal performance.

Reach out to Hemogum today to discuss your chemical-resistant protection needs and find out how our rubber coating services can benefit your industry.

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