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Are you in need of chemical-resistant protection for tanks in a plant or construction setting? Or perhaps you want to enhance your current protection measures? Look no further - Hemogum is your solution! Our expertise lies in the manual restoration of worn-out pipelines, tanks, rotors, and pump stators with rubber coating. As a result, these components are effectively shielded from aggressive substances commonly found in industrial environments.

Our specialty lies in the production of rubber foils that serve as protective coatings for industrial vessels and tanks. These foils provide excellent anti-corrosion protection against aggressive fluids and wear particles. The quality, hardness, and thickness of our foils are determined based on various factors such as the chemical composition of the working media, particle size, concentration, temperature, and flow rate.

Trust Hemogum to provide you with high-quality rubber coatings that ensure long-lasting and reliable protection for your industrial equipment. Contact us today to learn more or discuss your specific requirements.

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