SAVEOMAT P - Gravimetric dosing system

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The SAVEOMAT HF is a highly efficient dosing unit specifically designed for industries that utilize materials with a chalk content of up to 100%. This dosing unit ensures a consistent material flow, guaranteeing smooth and clean dosing of products. Depending on the material and application, the SAVEOMAT HF is equipped with either a twin-screw or a spiral dosing unit. These dosing units can also be combined with other powder and granule weighers, further enhancing their versatility.

The twin-screw variant of the SAVEOMAT HF features a co-rotating and self-cleaning twin screw conveyor, which ensures a very regular feeding of the material. Additionally, an agitator is incorporated in the hopper directly above the twin screw, further optimizing the dosing process. The agitator is equipped with a separate motor, ensuring precise control. Furthermore, a special screw is included for feeding chalk, enhancing the overall efficiency of the dosing unit.

On the other hand, the spiral variant of the SAVEOMAT HF also includes an agitator in the hopper, located directly above the spiral. Similar to the twin-screw variant, the agitator is equipped with a separate motor for accurate control. Moreover, the spiral dosing unit is designed with special spirals specifically for PVC dosing. Additionally, changing the spiral is made easy and convenient, allowing for quick adaptations in the dosing process.

In summary, whether you require an efficient twin-screw or spiral dosing unit, the SAVEOMAT HF offers various advantages and features that cater to the specific needs of industries dealing with materials containing chalk. With its reliable material flow and easy-to-use functionalities, this dosing unit is a valuable asset for smooth and precise dosing operations.

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