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The QUANTUM 360 is an advanced terahertz sensor designed specifically for the pipe industry. It is equipped with a cutting-edge technology that allows it to measure pipes with exceptional accuracy. The sensor is capable of reverse measuring along the entire circumference of the pipe, providing a comprehensive 360° coverage. This feature enables a highly precise overview of all process parameters.

Using the QUANTUM 360 is incredibly convenient. Once the pipe recipe is selected, the sensor detects the pipe position and automatically centers itself to the pipe using a cross table. The sensor is then moved into focus without any manual intervention. If there is a need to change dimensions, simply changing the pipe recipe is sufficient.

With its high measuring frequency, the QUANTUM 360 can perform various measurements including wall thickness, diameter, and multi-layer measurements with layer thicknesses as small as 100 μm. This versatility allows for efficient coextrusion measurement and provides detailed information on parameters such as wall thickness, diameter, eccentricity, and ovality.

The advantages of using the QUANTUM 360 extend beyond its exceptional accuracy. It offers detailed product information, enables process automation through proven control principles, and does not require any contact or seals during measurement. This not only ensures precision but also eliminates the risk of contamination. Additionally, the QUANTUM 360 can lead to material savings of up to 5%, making it a cost-effective solution for the pipe industry.

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