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Our Molybdenum sputtering targets are specifically designed for use in the manufacturing of thin-film transistors, which are integral components of TFT-LCD screens. These targets, provided by Plansee, offer exceptional quality, with maximum density, high purity, and a uniform microstructure. These qualities enable faster sputtering speeds, minimize particle formation during the process, and ensure the deposition of homogenous layers.

We offer a range of molybdenum alloys to suit different requirements, including MoTa, MoNb, MoNa, and MoW. For added flexibility, we provide both single and multi-piece planar targets. Our planar targets are compatible with commonly used systems as well as tailored to meet specific customer needs. Additionally, we also offer rotary targets for those who prefer this option.

Choose Plansee's Molybdenum sputtering targets for reliable and efficient performance in the production of TFT-LCD screens.

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