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Introducing our premium De-oiled Peanut Flour, Toasted - a versatile ingredient catering to various industries. This product is developed specifically for use in the food manufacturing and processing industry.

Our De-oiled Peanut Flour is meticulously processed and carefully toasted to achieve the perfect balance of rich flavor and optimal nutritional value. It is derived from high-quality peanuts, ensuring a consistent and reliable product that will enhance the taste and texture of your culinary creations.

Ideal for use in baking, confectionery, and savory applications, our De-oiled Peanut Flour adds a delightful nutty flavor and a unique twist to your recipes. It serves as an excellent substitute for traditional flours, adding a boost of protein and fiber while remaining gluten-free. Its fine texture blends seamlessly into batters, doughs, and mixes, ensuring a smooth and uniform consistency.

Beyond its culinary applications, our De-oiled Peanut Flour is also used in the animal feed industry. It serves as a valuable source of protein and energy for livestock, promoting healthy growth and optimal performance.

Rest assured, our De-oiled Peanut Flour is manufactured under strict quality control standards, ensuring its purity, freshness, and safety. It is free from any artificial additives or preservatives.

Unlock the full potential of your food creations and experience the exceptional quality of our De-oiled Peanut Flour, Toasted. Elevate your recipes with its delightful flavor and nutritional benefits.

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