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Introducing our premium natural hardwood charcoal, sourced from Germany, renowned for its quality and reliability. With a high heat value of 7500 kg cal, our charcoal offers exceptional performance for grilling and industrial fuel purposes.

Crafted with utmost care, our charcoal is chemical-free, ensuring a safe and healthy grilling experience. It is specially designed to be sparkless and smokeless, providing a clean and enjoyable atmosphere for your cooking sessions.

With a moisture content below 8%, our charcoal ignites quickly and efficiently. Its diameter exceeds 4cm, ensuring long-lasting and even burning. The carbon content surpasses 80%, guaranteeing optimal heat production for your grilling needs. Furthermore, our charcoal has a low ash content of only 4%, reducing the hassle of cleanup afterwards. Expect a burn time of 2-3 hours, giving you ample time for a perfect barbecue.

Packaging options include 15kg, 20kg, and 25kg bags, or customization based on your preferences.

Rest assured, our charcoal is manufactured using sustainable practices, making it environmentally friendly and safe for your health. It does not introduce any harmful elements to your food or surroundings.

In addition to our natural hardwood charcoal, we offer a wide array of charcoal types sourced from various woods, catering to different tastes and requirements.

Our charcoal holds full certification from relevant authorities, attesting to its quality and compliance with industry standards.

Whether grilling meat or using it as an industrial fuel, our charcoal is the perfect choice. Experience the excellence of our natural hardwood charcoal and elevate your cooking to new heights.

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