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Online 23 July 2023 Joined since July 2023

Due to the pressing need to conserve our planet's resources, our company specializes in constructing ecological wooden houses. Our mission is to provide our customers with sustainable homes that contribute to a healthier planet for future generations. We are committed to being recognized by our customers for our unwavering dedication to reliability, durability, and quality in every home we build.

When constructing our houses, we prioritize at least three of the five principles of passive house design. This includes implementing continuous insulation in the walls, floor, and roof to minimize heat loss during winter and prevent overheating in summer. We also ensure that our houses are well sealed to minimize air leakage through joints and openings, reducing energy wastage. Additionally, we eliminate thermal bridges, thus preventing energy loss and increasing overall energy efficiency.

In addition to these principles, our focus extends to the windows and ventilation system of the house. We utilize high-performance joinery to minimize heat transfer and incorporate a ventilation system with heat recovery to maintain a constant supply of fresh air inside the house.

To achieve passive house certification, we partner with designers accredited by the Passive House Institute in Germany. These professionals adhere to the stringent standards outlined in the German standard calculation PHPP (Passive House Planning Package), ensuring that every aspect of the home meets the necessary specifications down to the smallest detail. Our houses are meticulously designed using specialized software to ensure their durability, security, and comfort for all residents.

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