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Online 5 January 2024 Joined since January 2024

Saniterra is a leading company in the sanitary ware industry, offering a unique concept known as The Colourful Bathroom. Our goal is to provide the best options for the Medium & High sanitary-ware segment.

We have a comprehensive range of sanitary-ware products, including toilets, mixers, bathroom accessories, bathtubs, shower trays, and concealed cisterns for wall hung toilets. We are dedicated to working closely with our clients, understanding their needs, and advising on the most suitable combination of products. Our aim is to offer solutions that not only meet their requirements but also make their daily routines more efficient.

One of our notable features is our customizable product options and special designs, catering to the needs of architects and interior designers. We offer two distinct shapes, the Round (Milano Serie) and Square (Tuscano), providing versatility and aesthetic appeal.

In terms of innovation, we continuously strive to bring new and trendy products to the market. Our seven-color range and special surface finishing add an attractive and durable element to our offerings. Additionally, we prioritize the use of high-quality raw materials, cutting-edge technology, and meticulous attention to detail throughout the manufacturing process. This ensures the production of the best possible final product.

At Saniterra, we also prioritize sustainability and water conservation. Our 360º flush mechanism enables significant water savings without compromising on performance. Moreover, our seat covers are equipped with Soft Close technology, ensuring gentle closing and easy removal for enhanced cleaning and hygiene.

To get a visual representation of our products and their features, you can visit our YouTube channel at [insert YouTube link].

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