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Online 27 July 2023 Joined since July 2023

The PASCHAL Group is a globally recognized leader in the concrete formwork industry, offering a wide range of solutions and services. With over 50 years of expertise, PASCHAL is an international specialist in formwork, shoring systems, and formwork planning software.

PASCHAL's comprehensive portfolio includes high-performance formwork and support systems for various concrete construction projects. From wall, slab, and column formwork to custom solutions, climbing and platform systems, shoring structures, and props, PASCHAL caters to the diverse needs of the industry.

In addition to their exceptional product offerings, PASCHAL provides specialized software systems that assist in planning, organizing, and managing concrete construction projects. These innovative tools ensure efficiency, accuracy, and seamless coordination throughout the construction process.

Headquartered in Steinach, Germany, PASCHAL's main facility, G. Maier GmbH, serves as a hub for their operations. Additionally, the company operates four branches and a service center in Germany, with locations in Arnstorf, Berlin, Gifhorn, Munich, and Hamburg. PASCHAL also extends its reach with subsidiaries and international shareholdings, reinforcing their global presence and commitment to serving customers worldwide.

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