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Online 25 December 2023 Joined since December 2023

We are a well-established company specializing in the production of cork granules, wood charcoal, and biomass. With over 20 years of experience in the wood charcoal industry, we have expanded our operations to include the cork industry in recent years. We offer a wide range of products related to cork, charcoal, and firewood, such as pellets, firewood briquettes, charcoal briquettes, cork dust, and charcoal dust.

In 2020, we took a step further and diversified our product catalog. We introduced cork products like Yoga cork mats and blocks, showcasing our commitment to innovation. Additionally, we have invested significantly in our organic substrates, leading us to produce our own Biochar.

Located in the quaint town of Barro Branco, near Borba, Portugal, our factory serves as the hub for our manufacturing operations. We ensure seamless distribution throughout Portugal with our own transport network. Furthermore, we have established partnerships with various international distributors and shipping companies, enabling us to reach customers around the globe.

For any inquiries or additional information, please feel free to reach out to us. We are dedicated to finding the best solutions for our clients' needs and pride ourselves on exceptional customer service.

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