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Online 25 December 2023 Joined since December 2023

Established in 2012, Livan Pleksi is a leading company in the Plexiglass Processing Technologies industry. Our primary goal is to provide superior services to our clients while maintaining cost-effectiveness, all with an unwavering dedication to achieving unmatched customer satisfaction. Over a relatively short period, we have built a solid reputation among countless clients by consistently delivering reliable and high-quality solutions. Our exceptional team is committed to delivering economically sustainable solutions that not only meet but surpass the ever-evolving demands of the industry.

At Livan Pleksi, we take great pride in our state-of-the-art machinery, which includes CNC Cutting, Laser Cutting, Lapping Machine, Polishing Machine, Automatic Bending Machine, Oven, and Lathe. These advanced machines enable us to expertly execute various Plexiglass processes such as shaping, cutting, bending, polishing, gluing, twisting, vacuum molding, and blow molding.

We offer versatile Plexiglass solutions that can transform spaces in a wide range of industries. In the field of interior design, we bring elegance to homes, markets, restaurants, hotels, and offices. In the market sector, our solutions streamline operations and improve efficiency. In the food industry, we ensure hygiene standards are met. In the machinery sector, we enhance workplace safety and help prevent accidents. Plexiglass also finds seamless applications in the healthcare industry, gardens, and educational tools.

To further demonstrate our commitment to delivering excellence, we are proud to hold ISO 9001-2015 and ISO 14001-2015 certifications, which serve as a testament to our robust Quality and Environmental Management System.

Contact us today to experience the exceptional Plexiglass solutions that have made Livan Pleksi the industry leader.

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