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Online 23 December 2023 Joined since December 2023

Welcome to Izoplast Hitech Panel Corporation, the leading manufacturer of ASA PVC Roof Panels and Roofing Systems in the industry. Our company, based in Turkey, specializes in crafting tailor-made polymer roof tile panels and roofing systems for superior performance in diverse conditions.

Under our renowned brand, IZODACH, we pride ourselves on offering cutting-edge high-density insulation and a robust 4-layer structure in our IZODACH polymer roof tile panels. These panels are designed to maintain peak physical properties from -40°C to +90°C, making them extremely durable. Additionally, they feature ASA polymer, providing added defense against severe weather conditions, particularly heat and UV resistance.

Utilizing co-extrusion technology, our IZODACH sheets are not only soundproof and water-repellent, but also impact-resistant and UL94 classified for safety. These features make our roofing solutions ideal for a wide range of environments. Moreover, our lightweight PVC tiles are 10 times lighter than traditional options, making them more eco-friendly. They are also 100% recyclable, further contributing to sustainability efforts.

At Izoplast Hitech Panel Corporation, we offer a comprehensive range of models and colors tailored to various roofing applications. In addition to our roof tile panels, we provide a variety of accessories, ridges, screws, and IZOCLAMP brackets. These accessories ensure the seamless mounting of photovoltaic solar energy panels, making our roofing systems even more versatile and energy-efficient.

When it comes to modern, resilient, and eco-conscious roofing systems, choose Izoplast Hitech Panel Corporation and our IZODACH brand as your trusted partner.

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