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Online 5 November 2023 Joined since November 2023
Online 5 November 2023 Joined since November 2023

We are a professional manufacturer of plastic kitchenware based in Turkey, with over 200 molds. In addition, we have recently established a new factory in Turkmenistan. Our goal is to aggressively enter the global market, and we are actively seeking reliable, honest, expert, and experienced companies to collaborate with. We believe that our reputation will speak for itself, as our dynamic professional team, extensive experience, high-quality products, and other unique qualities set us apart. We encourage you to conduct thorough research on us from various sources, as we are confident that you will find us to be one of the best companies in Turkey.

We take pride in the quality and affordability of our products. When you see the superior quality and competitive prices we offer, you will be pleasantly surprised. Furthermore, we would like to inform you about our new factory in Turkmenistan. After two years of dedicated work on the Turkmenistan Project, we have successfully established the first block of our new factory, covering an area of 11,000 square meters, on September 1st, 2020. Over the next four years, we have plans to expand the factory to an impressive 170,000 square meters. Equipped with 300 injection machines, our production capacity allows us to manufacture 30 trucks (40 containers) per day. This ambitious endeavor positions us to become one of the largest companies in the world.

Currently, we have 30 molds located in Turkmenistan. However, we are capable of creating new molds in the future to meet your specific requirements, provided there is a sufficient quantity. Rest assured, our prices for custom-made molds will be 30% to 50% cheaper than the existing market prices, while maintaining the same high quality. As part of our expansion plans, we are also open to establishing distributorship agreements with companies worldwide. With all these opportunities and possibilities, why not consider collaborating with us in the near future?

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