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Online 31 July 2023 Joined since July 2023
Online 31 July 2023 Joined since July 2023

CreatifWood is a leading Franco-Ukrainian brand in the wooden products industry, specializing in creative hobbies and decoration. Our company prides itself on delivering exclusive items that embody originality and the natural beauty of wood, all paired with exceptional customer service. With our team of skilled designers, we create one-of-a-kind puzzles, home decor, and toys that aim to surprise and impress our customers.

Based in Ukraine, our production facility focuses on exporting our products to European markets. Currently, we have a strong presence in over 500 offline stores and actively participate in Christmas markets across 16 European cities.

At CreatifWood, we prioritize establishing and maintaining a privileged relationship with our customers. We offer relevant solutions tailored to meet their specific needs. Standing out from our competition, bringing forth originality, and expanding clients' customer bases are core values for us. With our commitment to excellence, CreatifWood continues to captivate and enhance the world of wooden crafts and decoration.

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