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Online 23 December 2023 Joined since December 2023
Online 23 December 2023 Joined since December 2023

We are a prominent recycling company based in Turkey, specializing in the recycling and production of various textile products. Our primary focus is on the sale of cotton selvedges, both sorted and unsorted. Additionally, we are proud producers of recycled yarns such as macrames, T-shirt yarns, and other hand knitting yarns.

One of our flagship products is Ball Yarn, which is crafted from high-quality fabric waste. This particular yarn is designed to enable faster and easier crocheting and knitting. As we prioritize sustainable practices, our yarns are produced using the latest recycling technology. This means that no chemical dyeing processes are involved in the production, helping to preserve the environment. Furthermore, water is not used during the manufacturing process, reinforcing our commitment to the protection of nature and the world as a whole. By utilizing waste materials, we contribute to the circular economy by promoting reuse.

For more information about our extensive range of products, please visit our website at Our ultimate goal is to deliver quality and competitive services, tailored to the exact needs and preferences of our valued customers.

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