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Introducing ACE Industrial Pull Type Gas Springs with Valve Technology and Stainless Steel Construction.

Designed for exceptional performance in challenging environments, ACE industrial pull type gas springs are the perfect solution for tight spaces and tough surroundings. With a range of traction force up to 1,200 N and an impressive stroke length of 50 mm, these gas springs deliver brilliant performance when things get tight.

What sets ACE industrial pull type gas springs apart is their stainless steel construction. Made with body diameters ranging from 15 to 40 mm, these gas springs are rust-free and highly resistant to environmental impact, offering greater durability compared to standard gas pull type springs.

Not only are these stainless steel gas springs robust and reliable, but they also boast an attractive design. Upon request, they are available in various stroke lengths and can be customized to offer different extension forces, all perfectly complemented by a range of suitable stainless steel accessories.

Whether you need a reliable solution for demanding industrial applications or require a gas spring that can withstand harsh conditions, ACE industrial pull type gas springs with valve technology and stainless steel construction are the ideal choice. Experience the exceptional quality and performance that ACE is known for in the valve technology industry.

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