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The product is a multifunctional connector that allows for the simultaneous connection of multiple lines. It is designed for use in automated hydraulic or pneumatic systems that require the connection and disconnection of several lines at once. The connector features automatic shutoff valves in both the sockets and plugs, ensuring that there is no outflow of fluid when disconnecting.

The body of the connector is made of stainless steel, but other materials are also available upon request. Customers can choose to order the product with or without valves, depending on their specific needs. The connector can be easily mounted on a base plate using either a snap ring or screw thread type, both of which are standardized.

One notable feature of the connector is its ability to accept axial eccentricity between the socket and plug. It allows for a range of eccentricity within a radius of 0.3mm.

It's important to note that the Cupla connection with fluid under dynamic pressure cannot be made using this product.

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