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Basic information

The mobile, hydraulic drum emptying system with follower plate from Lutz is a versatile and efficient solution designed specifically for the gentle emptying of drums filled with high-viscosity, paste-like, and viscous substances. It is widely used in various industries such as cosmetics, paints, food processing, and pharmaceuticals.

This system is suitable for a wide range of liquids, including lipstick, emulsion paint, ice cream, yogurt, tomato paste, honey, fats, glucose, mascara, lip gloss, creams, vaseline®, ointments, jelly, vegetable purée, fruits, as well as juices for babies and small children.

Key features and advantages of this system include:

- Gentle operation: The follower plate can be manually controlled through an infinitely variable control valve, ensuring a gentle and precise emptying process.
- Secure drum positioning: The system is equipped with holding clamps to securely hold the drums in place during the emptying process.
- Versatile compatibility: It can be used with cylindrical or slightly conical drums, plastic containers, or containers with inliners.
- Residue-free emptying: The system ensures almost complete emptying of the drums, minimizing waste and maximizing product recovery.
- Pulsation-free pumping/emptying: The system's design eliminates pulsations during the emptying process, preventing damage to sensitive substances.
- Adjustable emptying speed: The emptying speed can be easily adjusted to suit specific requirements.
- Leak-proof operation: The follower plate is guided down to prevent lateral escaping of the medium, ensuring a leak-free operation.
- Quick seal replacement: The sealing lip can be easily and quickly replaced upon request, and the follower plate can be adapted to specific drum sizes.

Overall, the mobile, hydraulic drum emptying system from Lutz offers a reliable and efficient solution for the gentle and effective emptying of drums containing various high-viscosity substances.