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Sub-anodized printing is a cutting-edge solution that merges both anodized and screen printing techniques. This unique process involves imprinting colors onto the exposed anodized layer, which is then expertly compressed. The end result is a remarkable display of abrasion-resistant, weatherproof, and multi-colored prints that are immune to harsh cleaning agents and grease.

Our half-print machine boasts an impressive maximum printing area of 800x700mm. This device offers precise and high-quality printing, ensuring that your designs and visuals are rendered flawlessly.

For larger printing needs, our MotionJet Pro 810+ is the ideal choice. With a maximum printing area of 800x1300mm and a remarkable resolution of 1440x1440 DPI, this machine guarantees exceptional and vibrant prints, even on a grand scale.

Furthermore, we also offer a circular printing machine specially designed for sleeves and other curved surfaces. This versatile device enables you to effortlessly print on round elements with utmost accuracy and consistency.

Overall, our sub-anodized printing technology, combined with our state-of-the-art machines, enables us to deliver exceptional and durable prints in various sizes and shapes. Choose our products to elevate your printing game and make a lasting impact in your industry.