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Sub-anodized printing is a unique method that combines the benefits of both anodized and screen printing processes. This innovative technique involves printing the color directly onto the exposed anodized layer, which is then compacted for enhanced durability. The result is a range of vibrant, weatherproof prints that are resistant to abrasion, grease, and cleaning agents.

To accommodate various printing needs, our equipment lineup includes the half-print machine with a maximum printing area of 800x700mm. For larger projects, we offer the MotionJet Pro 810+ with a generous printing area of 800 x 1300mm, boasting an impressive resolution of 1440x1440 DPI. Additionally, our circular printing machine is specifically designed for sleeves and other cylindrical objects, providing precise and flawless prints.

We take pride in delivering high-quality, multi-colored prints within the anodized layer, ensuring longevity and visual appeal. So whether you need to create eye-catching signs, durable labels, or decorative elements for your products, our sub-anodized printing process is the ideal solution for a range of industries.