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Our range of high-quality nylon and polyester yarns offers excellent performance and sustainable solutions for various industries.

The PA6 RECONYL/Recycled nylon 6 is a durable and eco-friendly option that is made from recycled materials. It provides excellent strength, abrasion resistance, and color fastness. Ideal for applications in the textile industry, this yarn supports the move towards a more sustainable and circular economy.

PA6 QNOVAR is a nylon 6 yarn known for its superior strength and dimensional stability. It is widely used in the automotive, industrial, and textile sectors, where reliability and durability are crucial. This yarn meets the industry standards for washing, light, sweat, friction dry and wet fastness, and chlorinated water fastness.

PA66 AMNISOUL is a groundbreaking biodegradable polyamide 6.6 yarn. It is the world's first biodegradable option for various textile applications. This innovative yarn offers excellent strength, resilience, and color fastness while ensuring minimal environmental impact.

PA66 BIOCARE is another biodegradable option within our nylon range. This yarn is designed to break down naturally, reducing waste and environmental pollution. It delivers exceptional performance in terms of strength, durability, and colorfastness, making it an ideal choice for sustainable textile applications.

Our PES REC yarn is made from recycled polyester, contributing to the reduction of plastic waste and helping to create a more sustainable future. This high-quality polyester yarn offers excellent washing, light, and sweat fastness, ensuring long-lasting performance in various textile applications.

All of our yarns undergo meticulous testing according to international standards to ensure their excellent performance and durability. With our range of nylon and polyester yarns, we aim to provide sustainable solutions that meet the demanding requirements of various industries while minimizing our environmental impact.