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Introducing our Antistatic ESD Knitted Fabrics! These fabrics are specifically designed for use in industries that require electrostatic discharge (ESD) control.

Rest assured, our ESD Knitted Fabrics comply with industry standards such as EN 11495 and EN 6134051. We offer a wide variety of options, including thin or thick knitted fabrics, available in multiple colors and HiViz options.

Additionally, our fabrics can be treated with water and liquid repellency applications, as well as anti-viral or anti-microbial applications, making them highly versatile. We can also customize the cotton or polyester ratio to suit your specific production needs.

If you require a cleanroom version, our ESD Knitted Fabrics are up to the task. With over 100 different options available, we are confident in our ability to meet your requirements. If you need a specific type of fabric that is not in our current range, our team can develop and produce new ESD Antistatic fabrics tailored to your needs.

At Ebruzen Textile, we not only produce ESD Fabrics but also manufacture workwear with the same high-quality standards and warranty. As a leading company in technical and functional fabrics, as well as ready-made workwear, we take pride in our products.

Visit our website at www.ebruzen.com.tr/en or contact us at ******@*** for more information. Rest assured, our products are proudly made in Turkey.