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Actran AeroAcoustics: Predicting Noise Generated by Complex Flows

Actran AeroAcoustics is a powerful tool for predicting and analyzing the noise generated by turbulent flows. It is a finite element-based acoustic solver that can accurately recover aerodynamic noise sources from flow simulations conducted with popular CFD codes such as Fluent™, Star-CD™, StarCCM+™, or Powerflow™.

The simulation process involves three key steps. First, an unsteady flow simulation is performed using the chosen CFD code. The solution, including velocity, density, and pressure fields, is stored in its native format or the Ensight™ format at each time step.

Next, Actran AeroAcoustics leverages the CFD results to compute aero-acoustic noise sources. This involves translating the results from the time to the frequency domain and interpolating them onto the acoustic mesh. The produced maps of aero-acoustic sources are valuable on their own and can be used to identify the most significant noise sources.

Finally, the radiated acoustic field is computed, generating a comprehensive set of results including acoustic pressure, velocity, or intensity maps, as well as frequency response functions for different local (pressure) or global (power) quantities.

This multi-step strategy offers several advantages. Firstly, different engineers, departments, or even companies can handle each part of the work independently, leveraging their unique skills and responsibilities. Secondly, a single CFD simulation can be used to feed multiple acoustic simulations, allowing for variations in acoustic treatments. Lastly, the acoustic mesh does not need excessive refinement in areas where aerodynamic structures are small, such as boundary layers.

Actran AeroAcoustics boasts high-performance solvers and parallel processing features, providing efficient calculations. It seamlessly integrates into Actran VI, allowing for a streamlined workflow and enhanced productivity. Additionally, Actran AeroAcoustics can be combined with Actran VibroAcoustics to address aero-vibro-acoustic challenges.

This product is particularly suited for various applications, including air conditioning modules (HVAC), side mirror noise reduction, airframe noise (such as landing gear and trailing edge), and air distribution systems.

Choose Actran AeroAcoustics for accurate, efficient, and integrated noise prediction and analysis in complex flow environments.