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Introducing a versatile system designed specifically for the construction industry. This innovative product utilizes the fundamental concept of drainage channels and ventilation in façade systems to enhance functionality. With the inclusion of specially designed profiles, this system offers a multitude of solutions for both verandas and skylights.

For skylights, the system provides valley rafter angles, hip and gable roof options, and various incoming angles. This flexibility allows for a wide range of skylight designs to be seamlessly integrated into any structure, creating spaces flooded with natural light.

When it comes to verandas, our system is complemented by site meeting profiles, thermally broken gutters, and profiles that can be coupled with or without thermal breaks. This versatility enables different types of openings to be incorporated into veranda designs, catering to individual preferences and requirements.

Ensuring the ultimate weather-tightness of your building, our system features an E.P.D.M. gasket system that is highly resistant to atmospheric agents. This durable gasket system guarantees the integrity and protection of your structure against external elements.

In summary, our industry-specific system offers a comprehensive solution for drainage, ventilation, and space optimization in both verandas and skylights. With its adaptable profiles and superior weather-tightness, this product is a game-changer for any construction project.

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