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Introducing our revolutionary fire resistant door system, specifically designed for the building industry. This advanced system boasts an impressive fire resistance classification of EI260, ensuring utmost security and protection in the event of a fire. With the primary goal of compartmentalizing fire sectors within the building and facilitating safe evacuation for its users, our door system is an essential addition to any structure.

The door system is constructed using high-quality materials, including 80 mm section straight line coplanar profiles. These profiles are 2.2 mm thick and feature a 35 mm thermal breaking zone, guaranteeing exceptional durability and performance. The combination of retardant insulation materials within the profile chambers and intumescentant gaskets that expand when exposed to heat, along with the use of bio-soluble paper in the glass area, allows the system to maintain a remarkable 60-minute fire resistance time.

Not only does our door system excel in fire resistance, but it also prioritizes energy efficiency. With a frame transmission value of just 1.4 Wu002Fm²K, it surpasses industry standards in thermal performance, providing unbeatable insulation and contributing to reduced energy consumption. Additionally, the door system offers a generous glazing capacity, featuring a free space of 56 mm, ensuring optimal acoustic insulation for a quieter environment.

Furthermore, our door system offers customization options to meet specific needs. It can be combined with fixed lights, incorporates opening gearing with an anti-panic function for emergency situations, and is compatible with automatic door closers and handlesu002Fhinges that are officially approved for fire sectoring.

In summary, our fire resistant door system is a game-changer in the industry. Its cutting-edge design, superior fire resistance capabilities, exceptional thermal features, and flexible customization options make it a reliable and indispensable choice for any building project.

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