HypoX® LX Series Mix Oxidant Generator

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Introducing the new Enviro 1000, an advanced automatic water treatment system designed specifically for the vibratory finishing industry. This innovative system is engineered to purify and recondition the process water and compound used in vibratory finishing operations, ensuring optimal performance and sustainability.

Equipped with a centrifuge, the Enviro 1000 efficiently cleans and recycles the process water by effectively separating solid particles and oils from the water. These contaminants are then deposited as a solid sludge on the centrifuge basket's edge, enabling easy removal.

By implementing the Enviro 1000, businesses can establish a continuous cycle of processes within their vibratory finishing operations. This includes using the system to purify the water, recycling it, and ultimately reusing it in subsequent vibratory finishing processes. The result is significant cost savings and a notably eco-friendly approach to industrial water treatment.

The Enviro 1000's cutting-edge technology and superior performance make it a must-have for the vibratory finishing industry. With its ability to reduce environmental impact while improving operational efficiency, this automatic water treatment system sets a new standard for sustainable manufacturing practices.

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