HypoX® MX Series Mix Oxidant Generator

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We offer sludge drying systems with horizontal thin film dryers designed for the treatment of sludge from both municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants. These systems provide effective solutions for various sludge treatment processes.

One option is pre-drying, which involves drying the sludge to a dry solid content of 35 to 50% before incineration in fluidized bed incinerators. Another option is drying the sludge to a dry solid content of 65 to 75% before combined incineration with garbage, composting, or landfill.

For complete drying, our systems can achieve a dry solid content of up to 85 to 95%. The dried sludge can then be used for thermal utilization as bio-fuel for cement kilns, coal-fired power stations, pyrolysis, gasification, or other conversion processes.

Additionally, our systems are capable of drying sludge to be used for composting and agricultural purposes, such as fertilizer and soil reclamation.

In all of these drying processes, our thin film dryer stands as the top choice, ensuring efficient and reliable drying results.

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