Automatic tablet counter King Technocount T8

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Basic information

The FULLY AUTOMATIC FILLING, SEALING, AND FINISHING SYSTEM is designed for the industry-specific needs of product packaging. This system includes a complete transport format set, featuring a 12-fold stepped jar transport with a mechanical overload coupling. It also offers electrical connections for seamless integration with an inductive sealing unit (optional).

The filling unit of this system is equipped with a turnstile slide dosage aggregate, ensuring accurate and efficient filling processes. Additionally, it includes a 40 l filling funnel and electronic volume adjustment, allowing for precise control of the fill quantity.

To facilitate the sealing process, the system features a foil dispenser with pre-sealing and a thermal conductive sealing unit. This ensures secure and airtight seals for the products.

The system is designed for maximum durability and low maintenance. It includes automatic central lubrication to minimize maintenance requirements. The integrated transport belt ensures efficient product movement throughout the entire packaging process.

Safety is a priority, and the system is equipped with protective glazing made from aluminum and Makrolon(R). This provides a clear view of the operations while ensuring the necessary protection.

Users can easily adjust the height of belts and guides through a central, continuous height adjustment mechanism operated by a manual wheel.

Furthermore, this system includes an integrated screwing unit, allowing for additional finishing touches to be applied to the products.

The system is driven by a PLC control system, specifically Siemens S7, ensuring reliable and precise control over the entire packaging process.