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Collett Consulting specializes in conducting route access surveys within the transportation industry. These surveys take into consideration various factors such as horizontal and vertical alignments, weight and dimensional issues. They are applicable to all types of roads, structures, and environments.

The main application of Collett Consulting's route access surveys is in heavy transport, abnormal loads, and wind turbine components. These surveys provide a detailed analysis of the proposed route, helping to identify the most suitable delivery path for the project, cargo, or components.

In particular, with the increasing size of wind turbine blades and the continual development of new equipment for heavy transport, it is crucial to survey the entire delivery route from the port to the pad site. This comprehensive analysis ensures that any potential restrictions or obstacles are identified, which could otherwise impact the successful delivery of the project.

For more information about Collett Consulting's route access surveys and how they can benefit your transportation needs, please click on the WEBSITE link provided.

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