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Introducing the OS-303, a cutting-edge three-antenna GNSS receiver that is specifically designed for applications requiring precise attitude determination. With its advanced features and capabilities, this receiver is perfectly suited for industries such as hydrography, unmanned vehicles, and other tasks that demand high-precision analysis of object motion vectors.

Equipped with an impressive 496 channels, the OS-303 supports a wide range of satellite systems including GPS (L1 C/A, L1/L2 P, L5), BeiDou (B1, B2, B3), GLONASS (L1, L2), and Galileo (E1, E5a, E5b). This extensive satellite coverage ensures accurate and reliable data acquisition.

The three-antenna design of the OS-303 enables precise measurements in various aspects. The device offers impressive accuracy with an azimuth measurement of (0.2°/R) and roll or pitch measurements of (0.4°/R). These measurements provide users with detailed information about the orientation of objects, allowing for enhanced analysis and decision-making.

In addition to its exceptional GNSS capabilities, the OS-303 is also equipped with two optional features - SIM GSM/UHF and internal memory expandable up to 32GB. The SIM GSM/UHF functionality allows for seamless switching to the most stable correction stream, ensuring reliable data transmission. The internal memory, on the other hand, provides ample space for storing valuable data, which can be easily accessed and managed through the intuitive WebUI. This user-friendly interface allows for effortless setup and measurements on any device with Wi-Fi connectivity.

Moreover, the OS-303 boasts outstanding performance even in challenging scenarios where satellite signals may be temporarily lost. With its high-precision trajectory feature, the receiver can accurately track object movement for up to 2 minutes after signal loss, ensuring uninterrupted data collection and analysis.

In summary, the OS-303 is a versatile and reliable GNSS receiver that offers exceptional accuracy and advanced features. Its applications in hydrography, unmanned vehicles, and other industries requiring high-precision measurements make it a valuable tool for professionals in these fields. Whether you need to determine precise attitude or track object motion vectors, the OS-303 delivers unmatched performance and reliability.

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