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This product is a versatile heating and cooling system with multiple operating modes designed for different industries. In heating mode 1, it has a capacity of 12.92kW and an efficiency of COP 4.34, providing a hot water output of 35°C even in outdoor temperatures as low as 7°C. In heating mode 2, it offers a capacity of 12.56kW with a COP 3.43 efficiency, delivering 45°C hot water output in the same outdoor conditions. In cooling mode, it has a capacity of 9.57kW and an efficiency of EER 2.77, allowing for a 7°C water output in outdoor temperatures of 35°C.

The product features an external circulation pump and a reliable Copeland Scroll compressor. It operates in three modes: heating, cooling, and hot water production. It requires a power supply of 380-420V and uses eco-friendly refrigerant R407C. With dimensions of 1360mm (width), 500mm (depth), and 1160mm (height), it weighs 138kg.

This product caters to various industries. For hotel applications, it is designed to be integrated into pool heating systems. For residential use, it can be seamlessly integrated into plumbing systems. In greenhouse settings, it is ideal for integration into fancoil systems. Lastly, for commercial buildings, it can be incorporated into underfloor heating systems.

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