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Introducing our versatile and high-performance product, designed to elevate your heating and cooling experience across various industries. With a sleek design and cutting-edge technology, this product is truly a game-changer.

In heating mode 1, our product boasts an impressive capacity of 16.20kW, ensuring efficient heating performance. With a COP (Coefficient of Performance) of 4.31, it delivers exceptional energy efficiency when operating at a hot water output of 35°C, even in challenging weather conditions of 7°C outdoor air.

For heating mode 2, this product continues to showcase its remarkable capabilities. With a capacity of 15.33kW, it guarantees effective heating performance. Its COP of 3.41 ensures optimal energy efficiency when producing hot water at a temperature of 45°C, even in harsh outdoor conditions of 7°C.

But wait, our product doesn't stop there! In cooling mode, it effortlessly keeps you cool and comfortable. With a capacity of 12.15kW, it provides sufficient cooling power. Its EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio) of 2.73 ensures efficient cooling performance, delivering refreshing air at a water output temperature of 7°C, even in scorching outdoor temperatures of 35°C.

At its core, this product features a reliable Copeland Scroll compressor, guaranteeing durability and high performance. Its operating modes include Heating, Cooling, and Hot Water, giving you the flexibility to adapt to your specific needs seamlessly.

With a power supply of 380-420V, this product ensures stable and reliable operation. It utilizes eco-friendly refrigerant R407C, showcasing our commitment to sustainability and reducing environmental impact.

In terms of dimensions and weight, our product features a compact design with measurements of 1360mm in width, 500mm in depth, and 1160mm in height. With a total weight of 148kg, it is lightweight and easy to install, saving you time and effort.

Now, let's talk about the target industries for our product. First, it is specifically designed for the hotel sector, seamlessly integrating into pool heating systems. Whether you're managing a luxury resort or a cozy bed and breakfast, our product ensures optimal performance, providing guests with a delightful swimming experience.

Secondly, our product is perfect for residential use. It is specially designed to integrate into residential plumbing systems, suitably equipped to meet the heating and hot water needs of households. Say goodbye to chilly nights and cold showers!

Additionally, our product is an excellent choice for greenhouse applications. Designed to integrate into fancoil systems, it ensures optimal temperature control for plants and crops, creating a conducive environment for growth.

Lastly, our product is an ideal solution for commercial buildings. Specifically designed to integrate into underfloor heating systems, it guarantees efficient and even heat distribution, providing a comfortable working or living space for occupants.

In summary, our innovative product offers exceptional heating and cooling capabilities across multiple industries. Its advanced features, impressive specifications, and industry-specific integration make it the perfect choice for hotels, residential properties, greenhouses, and commercial buildings. Don't miss out on experiencing the ultimate in heating and cooling performance.

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