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We specialize in supplying soft drinks from top brands such as Coca Cola, Fanta, Sprite, and Pepsi. Our products come in various sizes ranging from 350ml cans, 355ml cans, 500ml PET bottles, 1L bottles, 1.5L bottles, to 2L bottles. They are available for direct warehouse sale.

Our soft drinks are packaged in convenient quantities. Each pack contains 24 x 330ml cans, and there are 24 cans per tray. For easy transportation and storage, there are 108 trays per palette, and 26 palettes can fit into a 20-foot container.

We take pride in the good quality of our soft drinks, ensuring a refreshing and satisfying taste. The candies we offer have the unique characteristic of being able to be stored in a warehouse for a long time without melting, making them suitable for wholesale, market sales, shop retail, gifting, and festival promotions.

These snacks not only taste great but also provide a boost of energy, making them ideal for snacking in-between meals. Additionally, they are known to uplift moods due to their enjoyable flavor profiles.

In addition to our wide range of soft drinks, we also offer labels in different languages such as English, Dutch, German, Italian, Arabic, Turkish, Russian, and more upon request.

Currently, we are offering competitive discounts on our products. For more information and details on ordering, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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