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Introducing our modular cupboard trolley, specifically designed for use with ISO baskets. This versatile trolley allows you to customize the configuration and fittings to match your unique requirements.

In an effort to streamline logistic processes, our modular system offers both reliability and ease of handling. With the ability to configure the cupboard trolley to your precise needs, you can optimize efficiency and productivity.

Our anodised cupboard trolley stands out with its exceptional features. It boasts ease of handling and cleaning, durability, variability, ergonomic perfection, and first-class quality. It also complies with hygiene requirements, ensuring a safe and sanitary environment.

The cupboard trolley features doors that rotate up to 270 degrees, allowing for convenient access. Magnets on the ends hold the doors open, preventing any interference. The cylindrical twist lock is user-friendly, making securing the doors a breeze. Door seals effectively keep out dirt and moisture, ensuring the contents remain clean and dry.

The seamless interior design of the cupboard trolley allows for easy cleaning, saving you time and effort. Convenient push and pull handles are featured on each end, facilitating maneuverability. Additionally, protective top and bottom bumpers safeguard the trolley during transportation.

For added flexibility, the cupboard trolley comes with removable shelves and runners. This allows you to adjust the interior space according to your needs. The inclusion of a document frame on the interior door and exterior end makes it easy to organize important paperwork.

The trolley is built with a torsion-proof BiTubAl® chassis, ensuring stability and strength. It is equipped with 2 fixed and 2 swivelling castors, providing smooth mobility in any direction.

Experience the quality and reliability of our modular cupboard trolley, manufactured by GMÖHLING TRANSPORTGERÄTE GMBH in Germany. Contact us for more information.

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