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Introducing our high-quality aluminium roller box, designed specifically for storage and transport in various industries. This versatile product offers excellent protection for your valuable items against both damage and adverse weather conditions.

Our roller box is the optimal solution for efficiently moving items from one area to another. With its exceptional stability, lightweight construction, and scratch-resistant surface, you can trust that your products will remain safe and secure during transportation.

Designed for convenience, this roller box is equipped with two wheels, allowing for easy maneuverability even when fully loaded. Its durable construction ensures reliable performance year after year.

Key features of our roller box include a textured and scratch-resistant surface, providing a long-lasting finish. The lid and container feature robust pressed sections at the rims, enhancing overall durability. The lid is equipped with a full rubber seal and two retaining straps, ensuring maximum protection for your items.

Additionally, our roller box is stackable, allowing for efficient use of space. It features two spring-drop handles for easy handling and two hinged fasteners. For added security, the box can accommodate the installation of cylinder locks, u-locks, or lead seals, upon customer request.

To further enhance its functionality, our roller box is equipped with two rubber castors with a wheel diameter of 50mm, situated on one narrow side. This ensures smooth movement and further convenience during transportation.

With its proven quality and a range of features designed for efficiency and protection, our aluminium roller box is the ideal choice for your storage and transportation needs. Upgrade your operations today with this reliable and versatile solution.

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