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The SV600 is a cutting-edge product that is designed to meet the specific needs of various industries. Equipped with advanced sound sensors, this device can be easily mounted close to any equipment or asset, ensuring that no important area of the production line goes unmonitored. This is particularly useful in areas where human access may be restricted or dangerous.

As a fixed and automated solution, the SV600 seamlessly integrates with your existing processes, eliminating the need for time-consuming fault-finding procedures such as soapy water tests when used for product leak testing. By constantly monitoring the environment, this device enables you to quickly detect and address air leaks, ultimately reducing your consumption of compressed air and saving both energy and money for your facility.

Some of the key features of the SV600 include its high-end 24/7 acoustic monitoring capability. With 64 digital MEMS microphones strategically placed in a Sunflower Array, this device ensures accurate and reliable sound detection. It also comes with an integrated visual light camera and a powerful onboard processor for real-time data processing.

The SV600 further enhances usability with features such as sound classification, frequency filtering, dB values, and sound intensity mapping. These capabilities enable precise analysis and interpretation of the captured data. Additionally, the device offers event triggering, providing instant alerts and notifications based on specific sound patterns or anomalies.

In summary, the SV600 is an indispensable tool for industries looking to enhance their monitoring capabilities. With its sophisticated sound sensors and advanced features, this device empowers you to effectively monitor and address potential issues in your facility, ultimately maximizing efficiency and saving resources.

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