Optimus+ GPS sound level meter

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The SV600 is a revolutionary product designed for industries that require advanced sound monitoring capabilities. Equipped with a diverse range of sophisticated sound sensors, this device can be easily mounted near any equipment or asset, allowing you to monitor crucial areas of your facility without any interruptions. It is also highly adaptable, making it suitable for various applications within the production line. Additionally, the SV600 can be deployed in areas where human access is restricted or dangerous, ensuring comprehensive monitoring without putting anyone at risk.

As a fixed and automated solution, the SV600 seamlessly integrates with your existing processes, eliminating the need for time-consuming fault-finding procedures like soapy water tests, specifically in product leak testing. By continuously monitoring your environment, you can swiftly identify and rectify air leaks, resulting in reduced consumption of compressed air and energy. This, in turn, leads to cost savings for your facility.

The SV600 boasts several key features to enhance its performance. It offers high-end 24/7 acoustic monitoring, ensuring that no sound goes unnoticed. A cutting-edge Sunflower Array consisting of 64 digital MEMS microphones provides precise sound capturing capabilities. The integration of a visual light camera further enhances the monitoring capabilities of this device. Powered by a robust processor, the SV600 offers real-time processing, enabling quick analysis and response. It also includes advanced features such as sound classification, frequency filtering, dB values, and sound intensity mapping, allowing for comprehensive insights into the monitored environment. Moreover, event triggering ensures that any anomalies are promptly detected and addressed.

Overall, the SV600 is a powerful and feature-rich product that brings unparalleled sound monitoring capabilities to your industry. Its ability to continuously monitor and detect air leaks can greatly benefit your facility, saving you money on compressed air and energy consumption. With its advanced features and ease of integration, the SV600 is a game-changer in sound monitoring technology.

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